August 26, 2011

Trolley Tour Instant Film Portraits [ Joey Miller ]

[ July South Main Trolley Tour ] Tonight is probably going to be another great Trolley Tour night but I’m not sure it can top the exciting amount of talented photographers I got to meet and hang out with at last month’s Trolley Tour.  One of the talented photographers I’ve always heard about but met for the first time is Joey Miller, carrying around a vintage Mamiya camera all the photographers were drooling over. Joey, like other photographers there, were getting photos of people but here is where you can start to understand the difference between just a photo with a person in it and a true portrait. I’m sure the instant film quality helps add to the artistic vibe and grittiness I love but Joey truly captured the personality of Memphis.

PHOTO DETAILS PER JOEY  They were shot on a Mamiya Universal with 100mm f/2.8 lens. Film was Fuji FP-3000B, a 3000 speed peel apart instant pack film, similar to the old Polaroid 667 type. I was using a two stop ND filter, allowing me to shoot wide open for effect, and still keep the shutter under 1/500, the top end on that lens.

TONIGHT  Joey will be back out downtown again tonight, this time shooting with blue film.  You might be lucky enough to be in front of his lens.