April 27, 2011


Today (or tonight rather), I’m reluctantly introducing myself. I’m Sophorn McRae *chirp, chirp* and I honestly don’t know what else to say but that I feel like Mr. Brainwash among a group of Banksies letting me tag along and watch them work. Since none of them would volunteer to start a street photography blog, I took on the task to showcase Memphis through their talents.

THE SCOOP My full time passion is design – architecture, interiors, and graphics. Photography I would consider artistic instant gratification. I first used photographs to have nice artwork for the wall but soon saw much more potential. Since starting a blog on design and Memphis two years ago, I used photographs to support the story; and since starting this blog, I understand that a beautiful photograph can extend the image of the city much farther than we realize.

PHOTOS The photos shown above are taken in Cambodia, my home country, and in various, mostly kid friendly, places around Memphis.

SPECIFIC TO SEEN MEMPHIS Still trying to understand the definition of street photography, I personally define it much like I approach architecture. People activate the space. I could not see photographing a place without photographing the interaction people have with their environment or with each other.

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  1. Mr. Brainwash!? You are definately a Banksie my dear. Don't sell yourself short. Love the blog. Thanks for promoting Memphis.