April 26, 2011


Today, we introduce you to the highly respected Sean Davis. My introduction to Sean was through our mutual friend Billie Worley, who said, “I can’t believe you guys don’t already know each other. His work is amazing.” I soon became a part of his fan base. The respect, especially within the artistic community, is well-deserved.

THE SCOOP Speaking of having a cinematic eye, Sean spends most of his creative time looking through a movie camera. He is a camera assistant on film and television projects here in Memphis. Some notable projects he’s worked on include Craig Brewer's “Black Snake Moan” movie and $5 Cover MTV series, the 80's punk rock movie recently shot in Memphis “Losers Take All,” and “Memphis Heat.” As he is working on these projects, he naturally takes the on-set still photographs, providing behind-the-scenes documentation and interesting portraits of the crew who are usually behind the camera.

PHOTOS The photos shown above were some of the ones I discovered when searching for the perfect images that represent the genuine vibe of Memphis. Some of these images have also won over the editors and followers of the Commercial Appeal’s Capture Memphis photography site.

SPECIFIC TO SEEN MEMPHIS Sean’s ability to capture candid shots and his passion for architectural and landscape photography make him ideal for this project. Though he has some nice camera gear, he’ll also surprise us with some amazing shots with his iPhone photography using the Instagram and the Hipstamatic filters.

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