May 10, 2012

Meet Ziggy / 2012 Beale Street Music Fest

Meet our newest contributor Ziggy Mack whose street photography has been featured enough times on seen memphis that we can't deny his talents anymore. He's always zipping around Memphis with his camera in hand, catching moments when people seem the most at ease and just letting it loose like his latest photos of this year's Beale Street Music Festival. Welcome Ziggy! The group is glad to have you.  Here's more about Ziggy and his street photography style in his own words.

I got into photography sometime during college where I worked at BRIDGES. I took still shots with an outdated video camera for one of their summer camps. I enjoyed the experience so much that purchased a small digital camera with the money I made from that gig. Fast forward a few years and a broken camera later, my brother took notice into my photography and bought me my first dslr. From there most of my experience was gained from shooting night clubs and concert events. 

I got into street photography when I started noticing I had a knack for candid shots during events and world travels. 

Street photography strikes a chord with me when motion, emotion, and asymmetry meet one another all at the right moment. I'm quite the fan of movement or the sense of movement in pictures. Combining that with mood gives the image more life and dimension. 

I'm also a fan of documenting sub-cultures and different types lifestyles as well. I spend most of my time documenting street artists such as b-boys (i.e., break dancers) as they practice or perform for an audience. I also like photographing events around Memphis that involve a lot of action: Musicfest, Luvmud 5k, skateboard/BMX events, etc. As of right now, I'm primarily focusing most of my attention on portraiture of eccentric and aesthetically pleasing people.

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