May 6, 2011


Thanks to everyone who has shown such great support for this blog and to those who have submitted their work so far.  In the spirit of the collective effort, we are asking to see your best street photography of Memphis in order to see the city and its people from as many angles as possible.  Although street photography as broadly defined is photography of the public realm, we wanted to also describe what we consider great street photography. The first and easiest way to illustrate what we are looking for is referencing the work of great street photographers, past and present, that inspire us.

[ Inspiring Photographers for Street Photography ]

[ Other Resources ]

[ Key Ingredients ]
We want to be inspired by you. The photos that will most likely get featured do not have to be technically perfect. Needless to say they can be digital or film, color or black and white. They just need to move us with certain key ingredients such as nice composition, interesting subject matter, emotion whether it be humorous or distressing, and capturing the perfect moment, Henri Cartier-Bresson would call the “decisive moment.”  Capturing that decisive moment in many ways takes luck and patience. This is the reason great street photography is so difficult but rewarding and also why we’ve made this a collective effort.

[ Submitting ]
To make it easier for all the contributors to see and “vote” on your submitted work, we’ve created a Facebook Submissions Page. You may upload your photos to the wall with the photo date, location, and contact info.  Even if your work is not featured, the wall will have enough viewers to see your work that it may fit someone else’s need in another way. Go here to like the page and submit. If for some reason you are not on Facebook (no judgement here), just email me sophorn [at] hotmail [dot] com, and I can post the photos for you. As a side note, I may come across great photos on my own that I will feature with the photographer's permission so you are welcome to send suggestions of any Memphis street photo you find exceptional.

[ seen ] 
FEATURED PHOTO Valerie June /  Java Cabana Cooper-Young / 2010 Cooper-Young Fest / Raising money for her new cd / Memphis as a true music city really does have musicians performing in the streets regularly. Thanks to local photographer Amanda Hill for submitting this great photo.
LINKS Amanda Hill - Web / Twitter / Facebook / Email: contact [at] amphotography [dot] us / 901.652.0432

We look forward to your submissions.

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  1. Can't wait to see what is featured in the future!